Apartment Pool Construction by Sarasota Pool Builders

One of the common elements that nearly all apartments in Florida share is a pool.  Now you may think that being near the water would lessen the chance of having a pool because people wouldn’t use it, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.  People that live near the beach want both.  They can spend the morning getting a tan, riding some waves, and enjoying the salt-water.  Then, in the afternoon, they can come back to the apartment complex and lay by the pool.

Having a pool at an apartment in Sarasota is a necessity.  There are many different companies that can build them, but it’s important to look for pool builders that have a strong background and a lot of experience because it’s a big investment.  The inground pool company I recommend is Sarasota Pool Builders because they’ve built thousands of pools in our county over the last 15 years and they have a good reputation.  Sarasota Pool Builders handles pool construction for both residential and commercial properties, meaning they can handle projects of all sizes. 

Sarasota Pool Builders

My apartment complex hired them in 2018 to build a figure-8 pool in the back of the property and it turned out great.  It took them less than a week to clear the ground, lay the concrete, install the pool, and finish everything.  I know a few Sarasota hotels that have used them as well, with great results.

apartment inground pool

Florida is hot all the time, so people look for inground pools as a requirement during their apartment search.  If you don’t have one, your chances of finding a tenant drop significantly.